Terms & Conditions



Access to a site include all services:

  • 5 hours on the site is €5.00; this amount can be €5.50 including all taxes depending on the VAT imposed.
  • 24 hours on a site is between €7.00 and €16.00 depending of the site and the time of the year. For most of the sites, rates vary according to the period known as “high-season” and the period of “low-season”.

All rates are displayed on the website with description according to time of the year. Tourist taxes included in the price are also mentioned there.

Tourist taxes will be charged on the Pass’Etapes card holder’s name. The card’s holder will have to declare the number of people staying on the site to CAMPING-CAR PARK’s customer service. The holder will have to pay the tourist tax applicable on the territory.

if you exceed 5h on the site, you will be charged for another 24 hours. If you exceed 24h, you will be charged for 48h

PASS’ÉTAPES purchase:

  • The card is €5.00 and it is valid for life
  • If you lose or damage your card, a new one will cost €10.00 by post or €5.00 on a paiement machine by the entrance of a site.


  • €29.00, valid for 1 year from the moment you order it.

Your PACK’ PRIVILEGES is not automatically renewed. You will have to reorder it as soon it has expired.


 Reminder : The booking option with cancellation possibility is €29.00 a year.

Article 1 : Booking.

Stay rates are applied from midday at midday. The customer who has subscribed to the PACK’PRIVILEGES and has booked on Internet has to irrevocably agree to these General Terms and Conditions and the booking cannot be called into question except as provided in article 2.

Any booking and stay (from midday to midday) must be carried out during the validity period of the PACK’ PRIVILEGES.

No stay over 21 days is authorized during a 30 days period. PASS’ETAPES holders will have to wait 30 days after a 21 days’ stay before returning to the same site.

Article 2 : Cancellation or booking change

All incurred expenses will be due to CAMPING-CAR PARK.

All internet bookings correspond to the opening and processing of a customer file. Any cancellation or booking change must be confirmed in writing or by email.

Administrative costs will be charged for all booking changes and cancellations according to the following schedule:

Duration between the booking date and stay date Booking change (1) Cancellation
More than 14 days € 0 a 24 hour stay or 10% of the total value of the stay
Between 14 days and 2 days €12 a 24 hour stay or 30% of the total value of the stay
Less than 2 days 100% of the total value of the stay 100% of the total value of the stay
(1) Only date changes are allowed

We cannot however guarantee the availability of a site, consequently, if a modification is not possible, customers will have to accept the original booking or will be subjected to the cancellation conditions in accordance to the article 2, if they wish to cancel their booking.

Article 3 : No-Show.

In a No-Show case (customer did not arrive on the stay date), the total amount of the booking is due to CAMPING CAR PARK.

Article 4 : Repayment Conditions

  • If the total amount is inferior than €100, it will be transferred to the customer’s CAMPING-CAR PARK account and usable on the whole network, without time limitation, by using the PASS’ÉTAPES card.
  • Beyond €100, refunds can be done by cheque or bank transfer (EU’s customers). Management costs of €12 (all taxes included) will be deduced for each booking cancelled.


Last update : on 10 March 2020.