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Booking Option

This option allows you to book a stay in advance on the area of your choice. Plan your trip with total peace of mind.

Your reservation option will be valid until 21-10-2020

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Have a responsible attitude

Have you ever thought about having a pitch booked for you anywhere, anytime? *
If you did, get our BOOKING PACK! This pack is essential for your stays and it is ideal for those who want to travel without worries.

There's but one thing to remember: Plan > Book > Enjoy!

You can buy the BOOKING PACK for just €24 a year (starting from the date you purchased it) and book as many times as you want and benefit from the cancellation insurance.**

The balance charged on your PASS’ÉTAPES can only be used for your unplanned stays ; therefore, payments for the BOOKING PACK and for actual bookings on the areas will be charged separately on your credit card. When you book, you will aways find a pitch available, even if the site is considered full. All stays are limited from midday to midday.

This pack also gives you the freedom to access and leave the site whenever you want and always find a pitch when you come back. With the BOOKING PACK, you may book from 6 months to 48h in advance.



You didn't have enough time to book your pitch in advance by using your BOOKING PACK?
You'd like to book at the last minute even though the site is full?

Don't panic, thanks to the new SECURIPLACE service (included in your BOOKING PACK), now you can book a pitch the very day you arrive.

How to book on the same day?

  • Go to website
  • Connect to your account with your email address & password
  • Search the area you want to book (this kind of booking happens exclusively online):    Check out the interactive areas map.  
  • Select the current date (if you can't select it, it means there are no more Securiplace places available at the moment - at least 4 pitches must be available in order to book one)
  • Your reservation starts from the moment you paid for the booking until midday on the following day*
  • Now you can just go there and enjoy!

*For example: If you book at 9a.m for one night, you may stay until noon the next day.

In order to book on a Camping de Mon Village area you may call the +33 1 83 64 69 21.

** Please check our Terms of Sales